Breakthrough Venture Partners catalyzes innovation
monetizes breakthroughs
for the main players in the innovation ecosystem:

Technology Leaders and Patent Holders:
Breakthrough Venture Partners allows owners of patents to monetize their assets so they can:

           > fund the next innovations
           > pivot their business model
           > and reduce the cost of patent filing and prosecution.

Venture Capital Funds/Angels/Corporate Investors:

Breakthrough Venture Partners can help you:

> identify unique funding opportunities
> conduct due diligence on investment targets
> structure and manage early stage funds
(Note: our firm does not charge a commission for investor/target matching)

Breakthrough Venture Partners helps innovative businesses get to the next level by:

> positioning products, services and technologies for success
> breaking into new markets
> identifying legal, engineering and executive resources
> accessing high-quality financing sources if necessary

Accelerators/Incubators/Corporations/Regional Development/Service Providers:
Breakthrough Venture Partners can set up programs and initiatives that foster innovation, entrepreneur education and the creation of a startup ecosystem. Examples include:

. HP: launch of Startup Central and HP's Startup Ecosystem Programs
. Lockheed Martin-funded foundation:
startup acceleration
. WBT: open innovation and corporate venture capital
. Telecom Council of Silicon Valley: investor events
. California law firms: workshops on Intellectual Property and Startup Funding

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